Folkstyle Season

October - March

Practice Schedule

First practice: Last Monday in October

We will practice every Monday & Thursday (6:30-8:30 pm)

Holiday breaks when we are off:


We will use Arlington High School’s wrestling room located on the South side of the building. Parking will be off of Cooper Street, between the school and the Farmer’s Market. To access the wrestling room, follow the right field fence of the baseball field to the right field foul pole, the entrance to the gym will be the small door to the left of the main doors. Please use this entrance and the specified door. The rest of the building will be closed to us. Arlington High School
818 West Park Row Dr.
Arlington, TX 76013



All wrestlers must have the following documents turned in before they can wrestle, these forms can be downloaded from the website and printed.

  • USA Wrestling Card (Coach will collect and keep until end of season.)
  • Registration Form
  • Emergency Information Form
  • Rules and Behavior Contract Signed by Wrestler and Parent

Practice Rules

Wrestling is a fun, yet intense sport. With that in mind, there will be certain procedures in place to insure that everyone benefits. Failure to recognize the following may result in disciplinary action or dismissal from Arlington Storm Wrestling Club.

Before Practice

  • Don’t wear your wrestling shoes outside. Carry your shoes to the wrestling room and then put them on, this will keep the mats clean.
  • Be suited and ready to warm up at the start of practice

While at Practice

  • Follow all directions of the Coaches—no exceptions
  • Don't fight with, mistreat, taunt, or in any way intentionally injure another wrestler
  • Understand that you are there to wrestle, not play
  • Don't misuse the facilities or equipment
  • Participate in all activities-stretching, instruction, live wrestling, conditioning, etc.
  • Work hard on and off the mat to improve yourself and your teammates
  • Help with setting up and cleaning up the wrestling room each night


  • Arlington High School and Arlington Independent School District are allowing us to USE their facilities. We must recognize that we are guests and our future use depends on our actions today.
  • Wrestlers will not play on equipment (ropes, peg boards, etc.)
  • Wrestlers and families will clean up after themselves
  • We rent only the wrestling room, all other areas of the building are off limits
  • All wrestlers will help with unrolling and rolling mats


  • All Storm coaches are volunteers and are to be treated with the highest respect
  • Are your wrestling teacher, not your babysitter or playmate
  • Will do everything they can to help you improve, they are to be listened to

Failure to follow these rules will result in you sitting out the practice, sitting out the next tournament, suspension, or in severe cases or with repeated offenses, dismissal. The Coach or Coaches and Club Director will make decisions regarding wrestler discipline.